The title says it all. And I'll explain why now.

Last Sunday (July 11th) was the day of the GAA Gaelic football Leinster SFC final between Louth and Meath, at Croke Park in Dublin. Louth were playing for their first title in 57 years. In the very last seconds of extra time, Louth were ahead by one point. However, near the end, Joe Sheridan, a Meath forward, managed to get the ball into the Louth goal. However, a slo-mo replay showed that Sheridan had carried the ball over the line. In Gaelic football, that is not permitted.

The Louth players protested long and hard, but referee Martin Sludden gave the goal anyway, so Meath won, by two points (a goal is worth three points in the GAA), a title they didn't deserve.

But this didn't disgust me. What followed did.

When the ref blew for full time, he was surrounded by Louth playes, still desperately trying to convince him, but he wouldn't have it. Then, an irate Louth supporter ran out and punched the ref. It got to the point where the ref needed a Gardai (Irish police) escort to leave safely. Eventually, a load of Louth fans and players ran at the referee, meaning he and the escort literally had to run for it. A steward was also knocked unconscious by a bottle thrown from the stands.

See for the full detail. You can see the Louth supporter hit the ref at approx. 0:15, the ref and escort making a break for it at about 1:28, and the injured steward at 2:03. I'm sure you'll agree that it was a disgrace, and for the GAA it was a sad day indeed.

PS: If you need to know more about the rules of Gaelic football, see

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