UMP45 Users are a type of enemy very commonly encountered in Modern Warfare 2, 3, 4, 5 and Galactic Warfare 2 and 3.

Single PlayerEdit

UMP45 Users in single-player do not pose much of a threat, but get caught off-guard by one and he can cause you some heavy damage.


UMP45 Users are more commonly found in Multiplayer, where they are often seen using a variant of the UMP not seen in single-player, the UMP Silenced. This makes them even more deadly than a single-player UMP45 User on Veteran.


  • Always use a silencer
  • Often use MLC setup
  • Always have "MLG" callsigns and emblems
  • Often camp
  • Always whine at Noob Tubers
  • Always think they "own"
  • Usually use Tactical Nukes within the 1st half of a game

Tips on Dealing with themEdit

  • Using a grenade launcher is a good idea, not only will it flush them out of their camping spot it will piss them off.
  • Run into their area spraying an LMG, this will piss them off.
  • Spam them with an M21, this will piss them off.
  • Use a tactical nuke before they do. This definately pisses them off.

Anything that pisses the UMP45 Users off is a good tactic.

In MW3 there are just as big idiots, here is how you can spot one:

Will use extended mags and rapic fire

Will have a noob tube secondary with overkill

Will use gold camo thinking there are MLG

Will whine because they got quickscoped when one kill off of a MOAB