I am a camper myself and I provide air support (which I usually get by tactial camping) for my teammates so they can collect tags or capture a domination point while I am clearing the area. Camping is not sitting at one spot, it's holding a certain proximity to provide a solid spawn for your own team mates or to get the streaks you need so you can provide your teammates the cover they need, even campers should move out to another spot once in a while, because a camper wants to be useful and sitting in the back of the map where there is no action going on is not what camping is about. You want to benefit your team at all costs and trust me they will admire you for it. By watching the mini map you know where the enemy is located and you move to that one spot that provides you an advantage over the enemy team. The most used perk a camper uses is the stealth perk, camping is completely useless if you give away your position. The modern COD games (not the futuristic ones) simulate real life action so camping IS a part of the game and it will stay that way, go cry me a river. Real players always go for the win, if you like to rush like a headless chicken, play FREE FOR ALL. 10:54, May 16, 2017 (UTC)

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