• Seijana

    Mason screws up

    December 14, 2010 by Seijana
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  • Sgt. S.S.

    Let's be honest...

    July 24, 2010 by Sgt. S.S.

    Who else watched, or is going to watch, the new Toy Story film? I saw it, and loved it. :D

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  • PotatOS

    King of... (music)

    July 21, 2010 by PotatOS

    Who is the king of...

    Rap? Eminem and Tupac. Proof?

    Pop? Micheal Jackson

    Rock? Guns & Roses

    Reggae? Bob Marley

    Your opinions, wikians?

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  • Braden 0.0

    Titles the same as question! Post answers below line!

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  • Sgt. S.S.

    The title says it all. And I'll explain why now.

    Last Sunday (July 11th) was the day of the GAA Gaelic football Leinster SFC final between Louth and Meath, at Croke Park in Dublin. Louth were playing for their first title in 57 years. In the very last seconds of extra time, Louth were ahead by one point. However, near the end, Joe Sheridan, a Meath forward, managed to get the ball into the Louth goal. However, a slo-mo replay showed that Sheridan had carried the ball over the line. In Gaelic football, that is not permitted.

    The Louth players protested long and hard, but referee Martin Sludden gave the goal anyway, so Meath won, by two points (a goal is worth three points in the GAA), a title they didn't deserve.

    But this didn't disgust me. Wh…

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  • Munchable901

    Are any of you guys, by any chance, play the Skate games made by EA Black Box? If you do, would you mind editing @ the Skate Wiki: CLICK ME! Skate Wiki!

    Thank you. Any editors will be greatly appreciated! (Does not apply to vandals) :D

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  • LITE992


    July 12, 2010 by LITE992

    RAMIREZ! Make sure this blog goes viral!

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  • LITE992

    Captain MacMillan Facts

    July 12, 2010 by LITE992

    Captain MacMillan > Chuck Norris

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  • Knotdead Yett

    Seeing how I only got MW2, BF:BC2, Killzone 2 and Assassin Creed 1. I been trying find a good game to play online besides FPS like the ones listed above. Want something a somewhat different pace.

    Here are some that I thought:
    Metal Gear Solid 4 (heard it was online and good)
    Aliens vs. Predator
    Tranformers: War for Cybertron
    SoulCalibur IV
    Street Fighter IV

    And probably not geting CoD4 or WaW, going to wait for Black Ops or MoH.

    Willing to take any input, and tell me why (curious why you like the online play). And thanks in advance.

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  • TheAmazingBBP

    Ask a Noob

    July 12, 2010 by TheAmazingBBP

    I am a noob. Feel free to ask any questions.

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  • Sgt. S.S.

    It doesn't have to be CoD. Here are mine, from #5 to #1:

    5: Pandak Panay (Just Cause 2): This little man is seriously evil, not to mention insane. Especially when he has access to four nukes. A great villian, with a spectacular death, too!

    4: Imran Zakhaev (COD4): Russian arms dealer so far out of his mind that he's lost the address. Sounds like a charming guy.

    3: Frank Tenpenny (GTA SA): A corrupt cop who is only interested in making money, I cheered when this bastard died.

    2: General Shepherd (MW2): There are evil people, but it takes a special kind of evil to turn on your own men the way Shepherd did. One cold-hearted SOB.

    1: Dimitri Rascalov (GTA IV): Ruthless and disloyal, this Russian mobster is the perfect example of when the American Dr…

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  • TheAmazingBBP

    Ramirez memes.

    July 11, 2010 by TheAmazingBBP

    Jokes in bold are not mine.





    R A M I R E Z! WE GOT LAG!




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  • Sgt. S.S.


    July 10, 2010 by Sgt. S.S.

    Alright, I know there are lots of blogs dedicated to the Ramirez meme, but I wanted one of my own. In fact, I think this is the CoD social wiki's first Ramirez blog. :-)

    I'll start, shall I?

    Ramirez! Take my exams for me!

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  • PotatOS


    July 10, 2010 by PotatOS

    Several men are in the locker room of a golf club. A cell phone on a
    bench rings and a man engages the hands-free speaker-function and
    begins to talk. Everyone else in the room stops to listen.

    MAN: “Hello”

    WOMAN: “Honey, it’s me. Are you at the club?”

    MAN: “Yes”

    WOMAN: “I’m at the mall now and found this beautiful leather coat.
    It’s only $1,000. Is it OK if I buy it?”

    MAN: “Sure, go ahead if you like it that much.”

    WOMAN: “I also stopped by the Mercedes dealership and saw the new
    2006 models. I saw one I really liked.”

    MAN: “How much?”

    WOMAN: “$68,000.”

    MAN: “OK, but for that price I want it with all the options.”

    WOMAN: “Great! Oh, and one more thing….The house we wanted last
    year is back on the market. They’re asking $950,000.”

    MAN: “Well, then go ahea…

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  • A Lonely Nomad

    I have been here for nearly two months, so I'd like to get an opinion off what other users think of me. If you think I'm a cock-gobbling neo nazi scumbag, please say so. I respect honesty.


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  • Joe Copp


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  • TheManOfIron

    Whats your favorite sandwich type?

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  • Skaterman23


    July 8, 2010 by Skaterman23


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  • PotatOS

    Check this out!

    July 8, 2010 by PotatOS

    We LOVE promoting!

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  • A Lonely Nomad

    Add me on ps3! My id is the same as my account name. Am looking for some buds to play mw2 with, but i have cod4 and 5 with all the map packs. Game on! A Lonely Nomad 17:17, July 8, 2010 (UTC)

    So lonely...

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  • Sgt. S.S.

    I'm sure we've all got dark secrets about how we play CoD, and I'm gonna tell you mine. Feel free to share yours in a comment.

    1. I've never completed a level on anything higher than Recruit difficulty. :-(
    2. I'm very picky about some of my random NPCs. For example, in Hard Landing in WaW, the radioman has to be a corporal. Any other rank just won't do.
    3. Well, this isn't really a confession, but when I played Big Red One, I made it through every level using almost nothing but melee attacks.

    Well, that's all I've got. WBU?

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  • PotatOS

    Sup guys. Are any of you racing fans out there? Do any of you like NFS or Burnout? I LOVE NFS and Burnout is aweosme, though CoD beats Burnout.

    Also, there are two new NFS games coming out:

    • NFS: World, which is basically a MMO. Beta is out for windows!
    • NFS: Hot Pursuit. It basically goes back to the roots of NFS. Similar to the earlier NFS games, but also adding the flair of the newer ones. One thing I really look forward is the map size, 160km of road, all of it accesible! For any of you who have played Burnout: Paradise, it is FOUR times bigger than that!


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  • Sgt. S.S.

    What do you think? TBH, I'm not sure. ;-)

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  • TheAmazingBBP

    Guns, Guns, Guns

    June 30, 2010 by TheAmazingBBP

    If you could bring one of each type of gun into a call of duty game, what would it be?

    I would bring:

    Assault rifle: HK416

    SMG: MP7

    LMG: Tough one, I'd go with MG3

    Shotgun: TOZ-194

    Pistol: Glock 17

    Sniper: Arctic Warfare Super Magnum

    Launcher: MGL-140 (Or whatever the army dudes at the end of transformers were using)

    Well, what will it be?

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  • BBP9-Booster hunter

    Post classes you use to hunt boosters!

    My class:

    TAR-21 w/ grenade launcher, AT4

    Semtex, Stun

    Scavenger Pro, cold-blooded, commando pro


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  • BBP9-Booster hunter

    Post summaries of games where you humiliated a booster! GO!

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  • Munchable901

    Are you a fan of Micheal? What is your favorite song? Mine is Man and the Mirror. Munchable901 |TALK? 21:43, June 29, 2010 (UTC)

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  • DevilWarrior112

    Hola, amigos!

    June 28, 2010 by DevilWarrior112

    I have arrived. Heard from Sgt. S.S. about this. AMAZING IDEA!

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  • Munchable901

    Grad Gift Ideas?

    June 26, 2010 by Munchable901

    I am graduating on to high school, so what should I get? I should get something gaming related, but that's just me.

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  • Happy Boy


    June 26, 2010 by Happy Boy

    So what do you guys think of me?

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  • Sgt. S.S.

    The World Cup

    June 26, 2010 by Sgt. S.S.

    I've been following all the games in the World Cup in South Africa since it began, even though Ireland didn't qualify. I also evaluated the teams I've seen:

    Germany: Pretty good, can't wait to see them play England.

    England: Very poor against Algeria, need a lot of improvement if they're going to beat Germany.

    France: Not to put too fine a point on it, hopeless. Not so much "Les Bleus" as "Les Miserables".

    Italy: Poor. I really expected better from the defending champions.

    USA: Improved a lot since their last appearance, could be a team to watch out for.

    Spain: Very good indeed. I've got an eye on them to reach the quarters, at least, and they might even win the tournament.

    Algeria: Average at best.

    Brazil: Amazing, as always.

    What does everyone el…

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  • Sgt. S.S.

    As I mentioned on my user pag here, one of my interests/hobbies is furry fandom (for those of you who want to know what that is, see I had to know, is anyone else interested in it? I'm not gonna judge you or anything, just tell me.

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  • Gman111


    June 25, 2010 by Gman111

    Who is going to postblogs here then?

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  • Sgt. S.S.

    I like this wiki.

    June 25, 2010 by Sgt. S.S.

    I like it a lot! I think I'll take my blogs here, at least until we've sorted out the blogs on the CoD wiki.

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  • Cpl. Dunn

    I came

    May 27, 2010 by Cpl. Dunn

    I support this wiki. It should satisfy everyone's blogging needs.

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