Annoying Ten-Year olds
A typical ATYO after getting killed. He accidentally ate his microphone, which is why it is not seen.
Vital statistics
Title Kid
Gender Unidentified
Race Racismisticus
Faction Bad guys
Health 0.1
Level Multiplayer CoD4, Multiplayer MW2, prominently MW2
Status Getting pwned
Location Interwebz
Annoying Ten-Year Olds (ATYO's) are a common enemy faced in the mulitplayer mode of Call of Duty 4 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Call of Duty 4: Modern WarfareEdit

In CoD4, they can easily be recognised by their high pitched moan, which sounds a bit like;

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2Edit

In MW2, their call sounds more like;

"AAARGH! COMMANDO TELE-FUCKING PORTING!!!!!!!!!!". Apart from their distinct bitching, they can be identified from a distance from their lobby score of 3 - 18. They are commonly found in Search and Destroy, where they will usually brag about one kill they made, and ignore their seven deaths. They are extremely hostile, and attempts to prove that they are a bad player will result bombardment of messages going something like this;

"1 v 1 Yu fagg07 im in MLG and s0's my firend xx_Elit3-sc0p3s_xx he wil hax yur account YOU SUCK!!!" If this happens, simply add him to your block list and laugh at the fact he hasn't hit puberty.

Identifying CharacteristicsEdit

  • UMP .45 silenced with Fall Camo (Obtained via Boosting)
  • Camping
  • Constant Knife-Monkeying
  • Constant Bitching
  • Constant Noob-toobing
  • High-Pitched Voices

Michael MyersEdit

Annoyign 10-year olds will never stop asking you if you "wanna play Michael Myers". They'll send you messages, usually uninterpretable voice messages, to all recent players, saying they're getting a Michael Myers lobby together. In this game mode, one person chases all the other players around, and kills as many 10-Year olds as possible. 10-Year-Olds that are being chased aren't allowed to kill "Michael Myers". When there's only 1-on-1 left, "Michael Myers" is allowed to be killed. The house rules may vary, such as playing on Search and Destroy to plant bombs as diversions, or using C4, but usually the only kills allowed are knife kills, sometimes including Throwing Knives. For this reason, the irritation hits you with both barrels: Annoying Ten-Year Olds, AND Marathon Lightweight Commando Douchebags (a suitable class for the 'action" involved).

Don't ever play this. Even with someone who's not a virgin. It's just a sad statement that says "I'm not a man."